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Hints & Tips

We feel that it is important that you make the most of your experience here, so numerous articles have been arranged, to help you get as many points as possible when playing Online - Scrabble!

Letter Values
Ever been curious why some words are incredibly high scoring? We'll give you the lowdown on each letter and it's value, and why some combinations are better than others!

Bad Letters
It is inevitable, sooner or later you'll get some terrible letters. Here are some 'get out of jail free' words!

How Do I Reset My Scores In Never Ending?
Feel your average is too low.. not enough points? Read this to request a score reset!

The Letter 'G'
How to make the most of the letter 'G'.

Time Wasting
You only have between 30 & 45 seconds in Traditional Mode, so here are some tips to beat the clock.

High Scoring Words
Want to up your score fast? Read this article to discover the highest scoring words the world has to offer!

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