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Online - Scrabble :: Hints & Tips :: Bad Letters
Online - Scrabble :: Hints & Tips :: Bad Letters

Bad Letters

"Not X and Z again!"

Have you ever shouted that at the computer just as your making a nice steady score? We know exactly how you feel, and unfortunately there is nothing we can do, as the letters are picked completely at random. However, we can suggest some good words which will get you out of a sticky situation.

What often happens, is that you will infact get some good letters, but the order in which the site displays it makes them look like shockers!

For example, suppose you get Y Z J.

Mentally re-arrange these letters, put them backwards, put the first second, anything works!

With the example given above, if you were to list them backwards, you'd have J Z Y.

As a result, 1 word should spring to mind: Jazzy

If you're after a couple of extra points, try Jazzily.. yes, it is a word!

An example that I have recently seen is Y Q V, at first glance I thought "Yeah right", but using my method of re-arranging, there was indeed a word that would fit those letters.

By looking at Q V Y rather that Y Q V, the word that springs to mind is quavery.

Most people will think that any combination with a Q will be hard, a better way to look at this, is to think of it as a potential gold-mine.. point wise. Because Q is worth 10, pretty much anything you put with it will make the word 15 - 20+, especially if you use key letters, which is explained in more detail in this article.

Because Q rarely goes without U, if you are lucky enough to get a Q and U in the same combination, it is only a matter of using the other letter to make a high scoring word. Even if the other letter is worth 1, such as A, you can turn it into a 44 letter word by using Quizicality.

If you were wondering what I meant by "Q rarely goes without U", there are indeed valid words where a Q is present without a U:

  • Qat
  • Qwerty

Oh, and by the way, a word that contains both X and Z is exorcize :-)

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