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Never Ending!
The 'Test Cricket' form of Online-Scrabble!
Your score keeps accumulating, no matter what!
No penalties for guessing, missing letters, or words that don't exist!

Want to verse your mate to see who is the true master of Scrabble?
Play this "Head to Head" version of Online-Scrabble to find out once and for all!
Getting a high aggregate between you will get you to the top of the leaderboard in no time!
Whilst versing each other, don't forget to also work together!

Time Limits!
How many points can you make in 10 minutes?
Test your skills in this limited time version of the game. No penalties for mistakes!

How far can you go?
See how many rounds you can make it before making a mistake!

Fine tune your skills!
Find out how much a word is worth, or whether it even exists!
A very handy tool if you wish to find out, say, the value of your name, or favourite sporting team!

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