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Time Wasting

Playing Traditional but the clock beat you? We have acknowledged that many people are losing to the clock! Hence, the introduction of our new countdown clock! For registered members, you will see a countdown from 45 seconds, and for guests; 30 seconds. Once this time is up, you will be alerted by a small "Time Up!" message.

It is important that you get high scoring words, but don't go searching the internet for a high scoring word when you only have 10 seconds left! To ensure you beat the clock, try and use one of the first words which comes to mind. Often it will be the best choice anyway.

It is much better that you make a small to moderate scoring word, than you spend all of the allotted time trying to think of a highscoring word, and potentially losing your game to the clock as a result of not entering any word at all.

If you like to have a high average, we understand, so have game plan. When you see your letters, type in the first word you think of with those letters. Then search for a better scoring word, if after 20 or so second you haven't thought of any, you have that backup option submitting that lower scoring word you typed in initially.

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