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High Scoring Words

So you want to improve your game immediately? The saying 'practice makes perfect' is associated with many sports or games. While there is some validity with this and Online-Scrabble, we know finding some very high scoring words can be tricky.

So we have arranged a 'short but steadily growing' list of the highest scoring words that we are aware of. There is one condition that applies to all the words on our list. They must be worth at least 25. So if you find any 25+ words that aren't already on the list, please let us know by posting in this topic at the Online-Scrabble Forum.

Words will be in the form of Word (Score)

Quizzicality (44)
Quizzically (43)

Quizzical (38)
Quizzing (36)
Liquidization (32)
Jackhammer (30)
Liquidized (30)

Liquidizes (29)
Liquidize (28)
Unvindictive (28)
Kamikaze (27)
Infrequently (27)
Exorcize (26)
Kawasaki (26)
Frequently (25)
Hitchhiker (25)
Frequencies (25)
Headquarters (25)
Advertizing (25)

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