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Here is a collection of quizzes by vinhkhoi about Scrabble and words in general!
RULES: enter all answers in lower case.

Good luck!

#1) What is the highest scoring word possible in Scrabble?

#2) Which word when crossed all 3 triple word squares, will get you a score of 1107 in scrabble?

#3) Word that imitates sound.

#4) Which word is always spelt wrong?

#5) What is a deadly allergy to microscopic silicone particles? (Hint: 45 letters)

#6) What is the german word for attracting electron collisions to make x-rays?

#7) A russian peasant.

#8) Vinhkhoi's bonus question! What companies made Playstation and what made X-Box? (Hint: Computer and TV)

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